Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What’s up for 2009

2008 slid by without any long distance adventures. The only trip I made was our annual Memorial Day Weekend trip to the Boundary Waters. I was hoping to do some hiking, but never got a chance. Instead I spent the summer working on the honey-do list and improving my golf game. Both had mixed results.

Actually both were adventures in themselves.

Golf game continues to be an adventure each time I go out and the following is a little of the honey-do list adventures:

1. Replace two window upstairs - windows are in. Window jams and trim…well, as a good friend of mine says, one should take his time in doing such detailed work. In other words, not totally finished which I’m reminded of weekly.

2. Re-roof the house. I did go up and look at it! Plus I’ve been advised it WILL be taken care of before any 2009 trips.

3. Put in a new shower in “my” bathroom. Shower is in, although the trim work is at the same stage as the windows. Everything went well except for cutting through the hot water line with a sawzall! You do not want to hear the rest of the story. Plans are now to redo the entire bathroom. Another “It will be done before any 2009 adventures.”

4. Install my septic tank and put in new drain field piping. This was my adventure for the year. While in college and seven or so years after, my summer job was putting in sewer and water pipe for a big company in Minneapolis so this was going to be a piece of cake. And it would have been except for one thing. In my summer job I was the one working in the ditch while someone else did the digging with the backhoe. Here I had to do my own backhoe work. Big mistake! Long story short, the first thing I did was put the bucket through the top of the septic tank. Then as I was digging up the drain pipe I cut through the 220v power line leading to the hot top and in the same bucket I also cut through the propane gas line leading to the house!

Not a good thing. So how I avoided blowing up the neighborhood is beyond me. Taking slightly longer than anticipated I did accomplish the job and if I may say so myself it works great!
So windows should be done soon and the bathroom by spring. That leaves the roof. LuAnn suggested maybe it would be best if we hire someone else to do it! Why she would say that is beyond me, but I’m taking her advice for once!

So, if all goes well I’m putting together some thoughts for the summer. Plan is rather than do one big trip, I want to do two or three small trips of 10 to 15 days each, spread out over the summer.