Friday, October 02, 2009

The Game Plan: early September 2009

It’s mid-September, the leaves are starting to turn and it’s time to canoe the Wisconsin River. This river begins near the border of Upper Michigan with its headwaters, Lac Vieux Desert, which is actually in Upper Michigan.

The 430-mile Wisconsin River is the longest river in Wisconsin. It begins as a small stream at the Lac Vieux Desert dam and flows diagonally southwest across Wisconsin to the Mississippi River just south of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

For more information on the river go to :

Canoe map information can be found at:

Also, Jim Woodruff will be following me on his blog. If you followed my Hugh Heward adventure you will remember Jim as the Topologist who did such a great job following all those that did this challenge. He’s become a good friend and I know you will enjoy his blog:

As usual there will not be much of a game plan other than I must be back on the 23rd of September because my wife LuAnn and I will be heading to Branson for a short vacation. So, once again there will be little time to smell the lily pads! I will need to average around 50 miles a day in order to finish on the 23rd. Normally 50 miles is not that tough to do under normal conditions, but the Wisconsin is basically an industrial hydro-power and paper mill river and I will encounter 26 dams I will need to portage around. Behind each of these dams will be backwater flowages. So basically for much of the river it will be like paddling on a lake with little current to help one along. Most likely I will be putting in some long paddling days to maintain a 50 mile average.

My gear is packed; I have my road map, some portage information and canoe on top of the car. I will head out tomorrow for Eagle River, Wisconsin and the headwaters of the Wisconsin River. Although it will be a late start tomorrow, for I have a golf tournament tomorrow morning and will need a quick trip in the opposite direction to Somerset, WI. It’s our grandson Rory’s 6th birthday tomorrow and no way will I miss it.

I do hope to be paddling on Sunday September 13.


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